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Asamien is a specialty shop that continues to manufacture and sell Sayama-cha, one of the famous three major teas in Japan.

Sayama-cha is well known by "Sayama-cha Picking Song", it's "the best colored tea is Shizuoka-cha, the best flavored tea is Uji-cha and the tea with the best taste is Sayama-cha.", by overcoming the cold winter the taste gets even deeper, and the unique finishing technique of "Sayama fire" makes the sweet and rich taste and umami stand out.

The taste of our "handmade" starting from the cultivation of tea is awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and has won numerous awards at each competition, and is loved by everyone.

Also we will hold a special event "Tea Picking Experience" that is from picking tea leaves, manufacturing, and you can taste authentic Matcha at our tea room "Jifuuan".
A tea ceremony classroom is also held.

We hope you'll enjoy Sayama-cha at Asamien.


Movie: The process of making Sayama-cha.

special selection

Kiwami Jifuu

Kiwami Jifuu

Rich and mellow taste, fragrant good deep steamed green tea.

100g JPY2,376



The most popular one. You can taste rich and sweetness.

100g JPY1,080

Matcha Asahi

Matcha Asahi

Original matcha. Spreads fragrance and taste throughout your mouth.

30g JPY2,160
100g JPY6,480

Tea Picking Experience

From the time of the most delicious "the first tea" picked every spring in our garden, "Tea picking experience" is held.
Picking up tea leaves, manufacturing, until the tea ceremony experience at the tea room "Jifuuan", You can see and taste all of the tea.
It's not just to taste tea, but through a series of processes,
We hope you will experience the unique Japanese tea culture and have fun.
Also we will prepare the tea picking costumes and kimono upon your request .
We hope you can have a more memorable moment with this "Tea Picking Experience".
(Details of "Tea Picking Experience" will be announced on Facebook)

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